Sounding is when you insert rods into the urethra in your penis, the hole you pee and cum through. Both gay and straight guys may enjoy sounding, but it is not for everyone. There are plugs, which enter the urethra only a short way, generally about a centimeter; wands which are longer and slide in 5-10 centimeters; and sounds which often extend the full length of the urethra, all the way to the prostate. Many guys think sounding is painful but it is not, as long as you do it right.

First, if you want to try sounding, buy good quality steel sounds (rods). Many sex shops will carry these and you can buy them on line. The rods should be steel and have nicely rounded ends. They often come in sets with different diameters, so use the one or ones that fit your dick. Never improvise and use household objects like chop sticks or screw drivers, these do not belong in your piss hole! Next, remember your urethra is sterile, meaning there are normally no bacteria there and you don’t want to insert any. So, your sounds, wands, and plugs should be sterile too. The easiest way to do this is by using alcohol swabs which you can buy at the pharmacy. Holding on to one end, use an alcohol swab to thoroughly wipe down the length of the sound. Once you have done this, do not touch the sound. Lube is very important, otherwise the sound won’t go in. The lube must be water-based and sterile. Do not use the lube you have for fucking or that you use with your anal toys. Sounding lube must be kept separate from your other lubes. Once the sound is sterile and lubed, hold your cock straight up (easier if you are hard), place the end of the sound in your urethra, and let the sound slide in on its own. Do not force it. If you have enough lube, you may be surprised how easily it slides down your cock. After sounding, you will notice some burning when you pee. This is because the urethra may have been a bit irritated. The burning should become less and less every time you pee and disappear after a few hours.

A few important rules when it comes to sounding:

  • Buy good quality sounds – they need to be smooth steel rods with round edges.
  • Never improvise with household objects.
  • Use sterile, water-based lube. Despite what you may see in porn videos, never use saliva to lubricate your sounds.
  • Don’t mix sounding and anal play. You ass has lots of bacteria; your urethra does not. You do not want to introduce bacteria from your ass into your urethra.
  • Start with sounds that have smaller diameters. You may be able to gradually increase the diameter if this is something you want to do, but never force a sound down your dick.
  • Never share your sounds with other guys.


Sounding is not for everyone and it needs to be done right. It can irritate your urethra, so start with sounds that have a narrow diameter, use lube, and go slow. The importance of sterilizing your sounds before use and using only sterile lube cannot be overstated. Introducing bacteria into your piss hole can cause urethral infections, prostate infections (prostatitis which can be difficult to treat) and bladder infections. If after sounding you develop burning when you pee that does not improve quickly or you have any discharge from your penis, see your doctor right away. Be sure to tell the doctor that you enjoy sounding, and you may have to explain what sounding is. Otherwise, your doctor will assume you have gonorrhea or Chlamydia and give you antibiotics to treat these. Those antibiotics may not work for infections that come from sounding.